Welcome to Amelia Indie Authors, a co-op dedicated to the support and empowerment of independent authors who strive for excellence in publishing.

In many circles, the phrase “indie author” has replaced the term “self-published” and, frankly, we're glad. The new term is far more accurate because, in order to create a high-quality product, nobody publishes by him or her self. To be candid, those who try regularly produce embarrassing results.

Unfortunately, however, this has led to far too many indie authors being lured into paying large sums for things they can easily learn to do for themselves. Sadly, many of them purchase high-priced packages, only to find they still need to tend to their own websites and social media platforms.

Amelia Indie Authors provides help on both fronts: we work with authors to raise the bar on their platforms and publications while helping to shield them from some of the unethical practices and providers in the business. Take a look at Author Services and the Join Us page to find out more.

In addition to private, member-only content, we strive to give back to the greater community by providing good content from our members, providers, and peers. We are grateful for the support of others in the industry and invite you to click below to enjoy some high-quality original content.





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