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Free Pictures for Your Posts

Blog and social media posts with inviting or intriguing pictures create more interactions than those without. But finding just the right photo can be time-consuming.

In addition, just because something has been posted on the internet does not mean it is there for us to use. It’s a mistake that authors new to platform-building often make, usually just from not thinking the situation all the way through. That’s right, author-friends, intellectual property rights and laws are not just to protect us — they apply to artwork, song lyrics, and photographs, too.

But, fortunately for those of us who need to use a large number of photographs every month, there are some sites that provide free photographs that can be used in whatever manner you choose — without even crediting the photographer. That’s right — attractive, high-quality photographs with no strings attached.

My three current favorites are:

orange slices in clear liquid with bubblesAnd, in the event that you can’t find just what you want each of these sites is connected to a “for pay” site. Just be sure to check that the terms of use match the way you intend to use it.

Chances are since our topics are all fairly different from one another, there won’t be too much overlap in photo preferences. However, if you have seen an image you like, try to be considerate and choose another. And, if you find another, similar site, please share it in the comments below.

P.S. UPDATE:  Guess who just found a blog post with a bunch of new sources? (The fine print: I haven’t used any of these so be sure to read their licensing/terms of use.


Epicantus  This one is very cool — a photographer who is offering her “free time” work for free.

Foodies Feed Take a wild guess.

Free Stocks

This post is getting a little long. Let’s move to More Free Pictures for You. See you there.

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