How to “Like” as Your Author Page

We “like” Facebook pages as our “Author Page” in order to connect with other authors and the people who follow them. Developing a relationship with another author involves “being social” which can include answering questions, liking and sharing her posts with your readers.


But, to begin, you need to know how to “like” a page as your “author self” instead of as your “personal account.”

Begin by strolling around Facebook, either randomly or using its search function to find potentially compatible pages. Let’s use this one for example:

I have decided to “like” a page called Each Day is a Gift as my Author Page.

Where most of us get lost is that we either don’t notice or forget that the three little dots are not an ellipsis but, instead, indicate additional menu options. Clicking on the three dots will give you the menu choice you’re looking for: “Like as a Page You Manage.” (Chances are the only page you manage is your author page. As a social media coach, I have management access/privileges on a number of pages.)

Clicking on “Like as a Page You Manage” will bring up this drop-down menu. Choose your page name, click on the blue button and you’ve done it. Congratulations!

Practice or, better still, teach someone else and it will become second nature.

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