Author Services

In many circles, the  phrase “indie author” has replaced the term “self-published.” The new term is far more accurate because, in order to create a high-quality product, nobody publishes by him or her self. Frankly, those who try often produce embarrassing results.

Unfortunately, however, this has led to far too many indie authors being lured into paying large sums for things they can easily learn to do for themselves. Sadly, many of them purchase high-priced packages, only to find they still need to tend to their own websites and social media platforms.

Along the way, each of the founders has employed a variety of service providers: editors, proofreaders, cover designers, and more. Some have left us scratching our heads, wondering either how they stay in business or, worse still, how they sleep at night. Then there are the others… those talented, generous professionals who leave us stuck between wanting to shout our recommendations from the rooftops and, selfishly, wanting to keep them all to ourselves. Obviously, our better angels prevailed and we’re going to try to keep you with the second group!

As a member of Amelia Indie Authors, you have the opportunity to ask questions of other members and help each other out for free. (That’s part of what the private blog posts are for.) Additionally, this page contains descriptions of services provided by members of our own teams — people whose work we appreciate and whose pricing is a good value. We are pleased to match our members with some of the high-quality folks we’ve worked with and look forward to adding more soon.


When it comes to your book, you may want to start with an independent manuscript evaluation. This should help you know whether you need to work with a developmental editor or if you’re ready for a copy edit.


Once your edits are finished, you’ll want to find a knowledgeable proofreader.

Author Websites and Hosting

Authors sometimes ask, “Do I HAVE to have a website?” Yes. Yes, you do. It doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive but an author without a website is like a car without an engine. Really. We’ve also got someone who can help you with your web strategy. Click here to learn more.


Social Media*

Readers have come to expect a level of access to their favorite authors. Social media lets you connect with readers, other authors, and all sorts of interesting people. And we assume that one of the reasons you write is that you have something to say. To people.



Branding is a powerful way to define yourself clearly in the minds of your customers and distinguish yourself from a sea of other writers. Done well, it creates a lasting positive impression in the minds of your audiences and ultimately builds trust. Ready to get started?


Marketing Support*

Selling books is a tough gig. We’ll share ideas, opportunities, services, and suggestions to make it easier.


Virtual Assistant*

Like editors, virtual assistants come in a variety of flavors. Do you need someone to organize your contacts or schedule? Keep track of the tax stuff? Schedule your blog posts?




Too many self-published books advertise the way they were created rather than their content. If you want people to say, “It doesn’t LOOK self-published” you’ll want us to connect you with our talented folks.


E-book formatting

E-books are great. They don’t cost a lot to produce. And, for some of us, getting them properly formatted is a nightmare — unless you know a guy. And, guess what? We do.


*coming soon