2022 Virtual Book Festival

What happens when the exciting things in motion within the author community crash headlong into another covid spike? What happens when book festivals are virtual, live, hybrid… and then gone? When author workshops are, through no fault of the speaker or the host, are canceled again and again? When established, award-winning authors have new books out and no way to really connect with readers?

It’s an Island Thing — Sorta

Here’s what’s happening on Amelia Island. Actually, it’s happening anywhere with a decent internet connection — and possibly some places without. (Maybe we should call it a ‘cabin fever’ event.)

With yet another cancelation of our favorite local book festival, frustration peaked, and, as crazy as it sounds, we decided to do something about it.

Our First Virtual Book Festival

Amelia Indie Authors will be convening our first virtual book festival. We will offer VERY affordable display “tables” for authors, at least one book launch, author interviews, and a limited number of break-out rooms allowing readers to interact with authors in real-time.

And, while we were at it, thinking back on our earlier local book festivals, we will be offering author skill-building sessions as well. So many of us met and formed long-term connections during those sessions.

And speaking of connections, I think some of you know that we lost one of our earliest members, a gigantic supporter in a tiny body, our dear friend Terri Dean. One of our organizers is currently working on a fun, creative session in her honor.

This virtual event comes with a significant “good news/bad news” factor. We’ve attended a lot of book festivals, have volunteered some at the in-person Amelia Island Book Festival… but we’ve never actually CREATED one from scratch. We finally have a reason to feel grateful about learning how to attend those endless Zoom and FaceTime meetings. We’ve been grateful for our web guru from Day 1.

We’ll probably ask you for help from time to time, as well.

SO… here are a few things you can do to prepare.

  1. Subscribe to our blog AND our newsletter.
  2. Tell people — both writers AND readers — either IRL or via social media.
  3. Connect with us on social media. If you’re excited about the idea, share our posts with your friends and followers.
  4. Email or message us with suggestions. (Right now we are looking for a storyteller or two for a panel.)
  5. Show up on February 19th! The event will be easily accessible via Zoom and Facebook… and is free to attend.
  6. Send coffee! (It’s going to be a fast couple of weeks.)

Will you join us? Feel free to make suggestions for speakers or authors who might enjoy helping to get this off the ground.

Application links will be posted soon.


What Does the Flier Say?

Were you looking forward to the Amelia Island Book festival as much as we were? Reserved the weekend to connect with authors? Explore new reads? Meet readers and sell some books? Agree that canceling the in-person events was the responsible call? Miss everybody anyway? Then join us in this brave, crazy experiment.


  • Q & A in interactive “meet the author” sessions
  • Book launches
  • Author displays
  • Live and pre-recorded sessions

(And probably other things we’ve not yet thought of.)





  • Affordable display space
  • Break-out rooms
  • Tech support
  • Panel discussions
  • Links to your site
  • And ????


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