Member Library

Here is where we keep some of the forms and other resources that we feel can be useful to our membership. Not everything is a fit for everyone but it’s a good place to come see if there’s something to help you through a tight spot. We try to include things that will point you in the right direction — without spending hours falling down those fascinating rabbit holes created by the Google machine! Offerings will be expanded soon and are currently available as part of your annual membership fee.


Matchmaking forms. Want to get inside of our extensive virtual address books? When matching you with our service providers we think it is important to be clear with expectations — on both sides. Our matchmaking fee ranges from 0 – $35 per match.

Nervous about video? One of our favorite brand ambassadors sat down and filmed this for you.

Parts of Your Book


Video of Wren Valentino on Writing for a Young Adult (YA) Audience class.