Some Fun Writing Resources

This “live binder” includes NaNoWriMo resources such as writing software, map making, character building, world building. It is not an “official” NaNoWriMo tool but something that may be useful to novelists.

By the way, Live Binders are a pretty great tool, too.

50 fascinating online psychological tests.  It can add depth (and be a lot of fun) to answer as one or more of your characters would.

New Age Bullshit Generator can be useful for writing certain characters.

Many authors overlook libraries as potential markets for their work. Get inside the librarian’s mind. They might even tell you why they buy.

The National Novel Writing Month site also offers a Reference Desk. Over the years, experts in various fields have answered questions and the results are compiled here.

When you just can’t come up with one more idea, this title generator can help. If you don’t like that one, here’s another.

Another headline generator.

All your great content is for naught if nobody reads it. Great headlines can turn “lookers” into readers. Here’s the best headline analyzer we know of so far.

There are times that it is difficult to keep that blog fresh, aren’t there? Here’s a blog idea generator for you. And 103 possible post starters.

Sometimes, you need to deliver the same message in a new manner. An article re-writer can give you a headstart.

Fatal Facade by Wendy TysonBook covers matter and getting professional help can be a good idea. We believe your book cover is the most important piece of advertising you have and encourage the use of a professional cover designer. But when your motivation flags, why not build a temporary cover of your own?

This looks interesting — can one of you check it out?

When eliminating cliches, please leave no stone unturned.

There are lots of ways to organize a story. A story template is one.

Here’s a rather unusual source of prompts — a random logline generator.

Several years ago, writing a personal manifesto was a thing. It was all over the internet. Those facts, however, do not make it unuseful.