Lauren Gilbert


Lauren Gilbert has published both historical fiction and nonfiction. Her debut novel, Heyerwood, and her latest novel, A Rational Attachment, are both character-driven and will especially be of interest to romance readers and history buffs.

Lauren has had a lifelong love for reading, but once she found Jane Austen’s “Persuasion,” she fell into a lifelong love for the study of the Regency era of Great Britain. She has earned a Bachelor’s Degree, specializing in English and Art History. Lauren also followed her passion and joined the Jane Austen Society of North America and attended The World of Jane Austen Alumni College at Washington & Lee. Immersing herself for so many years, and continuing to further her knowledge of Austen’s work and the time period, led to her becoming a regular presenter on the topic.

When asked about what other books have touched her, Lauren shared that it was actually The Velveteen Rabbit, by Margery Williams that left the most profound mark.

Lauren’s advice for any new authors wanting to write historical fiction was to “Do the research about the people, places, events, food, and the like.” She also added, “Respect the period about which you’re writing — putting 21st-century words, attitudes, and values into your characters will take your readers right out of your story.”

You can find Lauren’s published works, as well as more information about her by visiting her website

Lauren was an early and enthusiastic member of Amelia Indies… although she claims not to be a fan of social media, her co-op job is to manage our Pinterest account. This Amelia Indie Authors representative picks up news from all of our members and moves it to the Amelia Indie Author Boards on that popular site.

Her quiet but consistent Pinterest posting of our news personifies one of our co-op edicts: all of us is far more effective than one of us.

Thank you, Lauren.