Member Benefits

There are lots of benefits to becoming an Amelia Indie Author. First of all, by doing so, you’re saying, “I want to produce the best quality product possible.” That’s a pretty bold statement in the current state of independent publishing affairs.

We are still in beta with our site. That means that we have a handful of members who are willing to try things and provide feedback about what’s working and what isn’t. Please email Andrea AT or to alert us to any issues.

While we share our wonderful guest bloggers with the general public, we also provide private, members-only blog posts with valuable insider info. When you click on the link to our blog, you’ll see the public posts. You must be logged in to see member materials.

As you know, we are an author co-op. Part of what that means is that members connect with and support one another. That is done through a completed member profile and by participating in our private Facebook group and our Member Forum. And if you’re not yet ready to apply for Amelia Indie Authors membership, you can follow along by “liking” our public Facebook page.

Do you have your Amelia Indie Authors’ Dropbox folder yet? It enables you to share large files without anyone’s email or spam filters getting gummed up. (If you don’t have your folder yet, drop one of us a line to tell us which email address you’d like to use.

Some of our members already have books available and have shared cover files to be added to the “Our Books” page. We look forward to adding more great releases soon.

There is also a directory of any member blogs of which we are aware. Follow, comment, interact… let those authors know you want them to keep doing what they’re doing.