Books From Our Community

Amelia Indie Authors -- both members and consultants -- write in a variety of genres. Here are some of their published books.

Featured Release

Launching the Earl


Nancy Blanton has done it again. The Earl in Black Armor is already an award-winning title.

DM Barnes

David-Matthew Barnes is a  prolific and accomplished author. He writes poetry and stage plays... Young Adult novels as well as those who will scare the heck out of the oldest reader!

cover for play There is No 'D' in Revenge by David-Matthew Barnes features a pair of red stilettos on a tan background
cover of Swimming to Chicago by David-Matthew Barnes

To see DM's many other titles, visit his Amazon page.

Nancy Blanton

Nancy's specialty is 17th-century Irish historical fiction. In addition, she has also created a powerful little book about personal and author branding.


Buddy Clark

After working closely with an editor, the author of this volume came to Amelia Indie Authors for design work. To read more about Carolyn: A Most Remarkable Lady by Buddy Clark take a look at our blog.  cover Carolyn - A Most Remarkable Lady by Buddy Clark

Terri Clements Dean

Teacher, traveler, therapist, and storyteller. Terry delights readers with tales from this delicious journey called "life." A Year of Living Creatively is her newest release.


Traveling Stories cover

Andrea Patten

Andrea is a lover of non-fiction, both as a reader and a writer. She occasionally connects dots that nobody else can see.

wknts cover

LM Reynolds

LM Reynolds writers page-turning spy thrillers and is a regular visitor to the Amelia Island Book Festival.