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Amelia Indie Authors -- both members and consultants -- write in a variety of genres. Here are some of their published books. Want to see your book here? Take a look at our application process. It’s free. It’s painless. And we’ve currently got space for three good co-op members!



Featured Release

James Cantrel wants to be braver in his new high school. He wants to pursue a new crush, stand up to new bullies, and create a comic book with his new best friend —  until a strange accident derails it all. Aliens in his dreams seem all too real and make him wonder whether he can trust his dreams for guidance. In fact, who can he trust? And what about these strange creatures from far-away places...



DM Barnes

David-Matthew Barnes is a prolific and accomplished author. He writes poetry and stage plays… young adult novels as well as horror stories that will scare the heck out of the oldest of readers.  And that’s not to mention any of the work he has produced under the pen name Wren Valentino.

To see some of DM’s many other titles, be sure to check his Amazon page.

cover of Swimming to Chicago by David-Matthew Barnes

Nancy Blanton

Nancy’s specialty is award-winning 17th-century Irish historical fiction. In addition, she has also created a powerful little book a personal and author branding.

Darryl Bollinger

Don’t read his stuff — unless you’re prepared to deal with a page-turner or six

Terri Clements-Dean

Teacher, traveler, therapist and story-teller Terri delights readers with tales from this delicious, painful, joyful journey called “life.”

Bob Langert

Read the absolutely fascinating story of McDonald’s as a leader in corporate social responsibility and sustainability. From Greenpeace to Dr. Temple Grandin, the characters and the stories will keep you turning the pages.

Andrea Patten

Andrea is a lover of non-fiction, both as a reader and a writer. She occasionally connects dots that nobody else can see — which can make for some “lightbulb moment” reading

LM Reynolds

It’s not always easy to think of award-winning novelist LM Reynolds as a writer of fiction: her life as an IT consultant and a veteran of Pan Am, her suspense thrillers are born of an ongoing interest in international intrigue. Add to that the fact that they’re often inspired by actual incidents, and you’ll know why some write fiction because it can hold more truth!