Book Covers, Blurbs, Formatting

One of the biggest mistakes indie authors make is going cheap on covers. We’re certainly not encouraging you to overspend, but there are an awful lot of make-your-own cover services with results that scream “AMATEUR.”

Selling books is hard enough without setting yourself up to fail. A great cover promises a good read, a competent writer — a professional product. Your cover stands in for you when you can’t be in the library or at the bookstore. It’s an important part of your brand.

Kindle Formatting 

Have you ever been tried to read a Kindle ebook and had to quit because the formatting was so bad? Or uploaded your own book to Kindle and been horrified when you tried to read it? Or, been caught in the, “try this — OMG, Yuck!!! — unpublish — try another fix — OMG, I’m an idiot — unpublish — “ cycle?

The most awful part? You’re over-tired and THIS CLOSE to getting your ebook published. It’s a maddening, hair-tearing moment. The good news? Our team can easily and affordably manage the complicated steps to properly format your Kindle ebook. Let us do it for you. (You’re going to need your hair for that next author photo!)