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As you know, posts — both blog posts and social media — with pictures perform better than those without.

Lately, I have made an effort to get my pics from different sites so that my images stay fresh.  It’s easy to get lazy but I don’t like seeing the same pictures used over and over — especially within my personal circle.

Here are a few more author-friendly photography sites. Some fine print for you — I haven’t tried all of these yet so please read the user agreements carefully and, if you wouldn’t mind — when you use one, please tell us about your experience in the comments. And, if you have other , similar sites to share with other co-op members, go ahead and add them below.


A wall with grafitti that says I Love You in several languages.

Gratisography  –  Is a small site, also with a  ”use as you wish” license.



Here’s a previous post on sourcing free photography (with worry-free copyright agreements) to enhance your work.




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