Site Issues

Here’s where we can keep track of things that aren’t working quite right. Typos? Links that don’t go anywhere? Dripping faucets? Cut and paste errors? If you see something, say something. Who knows, maybe there will be prizes!

For example, earlier today, I tested the site’s internal e-mail system. And when I received my copy of the e-mail, it was from “Honcho.” I think I put that in as a placeholder and would like to use something that will jump out of your inbox a little bit more easily. It will come — and is captured here so I don’t forget to go back and fix it.





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  1. I was asked for detailed log-in description. Maybe for an FAQ?

    Log in… got to profile page…. click on “my sites” (upper left corner)… click on AiA…. At that point you should see our “front side” e.g. the public post with seagulls followed by a private post called “Site issues.”

    That one and the previous three are the ones I’ve put up to facilitate discussion with group members. At the lower right-hand corner of each blog post there is a little notepad icon that give you the number of comments on each of these posts.

    Click on that and say what you have to say in teh box that says “enter your comments here”. Good luck!

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