What is a Brand Persona?

What is a Brand Persona?

Your brand persona is a valuable thing that will help you build trust with customers. If you were to weave together all of your values, activities, and interests, they would create a multifaceted gem that defines you as a person.

But suppose you meet a potential customer in an elevator, and you want to shine? You want them to remember you. They will probably only remember one or two things about you. What would you want those things to be?

This is what brand persona is all about. If you want people to remember you, by all means, capture everything that defines you. Then, go the next step.

If you are an author, artist or businessperson, your work defines you to a great extent, but also the realm in which you work or the subject matter on which you focus. Add to that your activities. For instance, are you a runner? An equestrian? A motocross enthusiast? Do you love to cook, read, dance? And then there are societal interests like improving literacy, reducing poverty, protecting the environment, and so on. Take the time to write it all down. You’ll be surprised how illuminating it can be, and how few people actually do it.

Next, narrow down your list to a handful of things. Consider the top 10 that you might converse about with your new acquaintance. In other words, which things do you think others can most easily relate to?

In most cases, people relate to values. They may not care much about what you do or how you do it, but if you talk about why you do it, what drives you, you’re likely to pique their interest. People are attracted to passion. If you only have 30 seconds before the two of you shake hands and say goodbye, wouldn’t you like to tell them about your greatest passion?

That’s how a defined persona can help, by making your most memorable facets easier to communicate and, therefore, easier to remember. Once your persona is defined, what’s next?




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