Hey Y'all: A Big Welcome to Amelia Indie Authors

Hey Y’all

Welcome to Amelia Indie Authors, a membership co-op for authors committed to quality through collaboration. Feel free to wander around our site but watch your step: we’re still under construction. Until we’re fully operational, feel free to email us with any questions, comments or ideas you want to share. That address is Amelia.Indie.Authors@gmail.com 




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  1. So I have been told to introduce myself. I am Trienah Meyers. Unfortunately I live in Daytona Beach. I am good at and working on getting better at writing short pieces I am not a fiction writer. Blogs tend to suit my style the best. I have several projects underway in various states from only in my mind to 2/3 complete. I am the daughter of an author, the sister of one and have many in my family. Most of them have been published but haven’t been much help to me. My one project that I am focused on at the moment I need most to have critical eyes on as soon as I have it put together, at least in draft, and I need help with getting it self published and monetizing it as part of a speaking presentation. This is my primary retirement project. The book has to be complete and ready to go before the end of 2018 because I wish to test it and present it so that when I retire at the end of this year I am ready to rock. I am hoping to learn much more about the insides of the business in addition to getting critical help. On a personal note Music, books, food, laughter, love and travel and the occasional dog or cat pretty much make a perfect life.

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